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as should be a parent by now, i dont uptade this  anymor. evresinse blogspit repleced my avatora with a picure of jack gayhllenaahhl having sexy time with a pony iv been give up on this old wesbstie.  i use tmbulr now (yess tubmrl is where itºs hat(
jump on hover to oh and gayumi is there to

Sunday, September 9, 2012

QA #1

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hey guys. so i have been getting a lot of mail questions lately about this and that, amd i thought what if i make a QA like everyones doing it and puta here the answers so u all can see and this way i wont kept getting the same questoins over and over a gain and have to answer what i alredy answer before (i answer to all my mail, i'm a very devoted fan) so yeah im doing an QA

heres how it works: u ask a question i answer it

ok, so here's the first bitch of questions:

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

you mean besides the ones i alredy have? or you mean if i had to choose only one out of what i have?? what is this question???

Hi Mary I have been following you since the beginning and it seems like your grammar is getting worse?

well yea my grammar is an old lady what did u excepct lol she has to wares diapers now

Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue Mary Sue
I said your name 10 times in front of a mirror and you appeared!!

lol this isnt a question

Hello Mary Sue! I'm a long time reader, first time writer, part-time journalist. I have a question for you: In the 24th entry of your diary, after you win the battle against the ghost cats from saturn, your sister says and I quote: "o i hate having to see them die like this again". What did she mean by "again"? Does that mean that she was there the first time they died??

um, that hasn't happend yet, thats from the future so im not aloud th talk about it

Hello Mary Sue I am a big fan!!! I think youre really beautiful i was wondering do you have some beauty tips???

wait a minute how do you know all that information from the future unless you have access to my future diary???

Hi Mary, in the 1st chap you mention you have a brother, I was wondering could you tell us more about him?

could it be! you have a future diary too?! youre a future diary holder!

Hi, my name is Stephenie, I saw that you like drawing fanart do you like writing fanfiction too by any chance?

if you are a diary holder that means I will have to kill you.,...

Hi, um, will you go out with me? (im 12)

and dont think your safe just cuz you know who i am. i have ppowers so im gonna kill you

hello i have a question whats your favorite color

pink of course

ok so thats it for todays bitch if you have any questions sendem to marysue at see u next time

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the continue from last time

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Justin Bieber looked like a triple scoop of heavenly ice cream, legs like chocolte, body like dtrawberry and head like vanilla with macademy nuts for eyes,,he started to erraticate a cent of prebupiescent freshness,
i immaditelly i fall in love with him.
but, allah, weare of different social circumcisions! it would never work. im so sad. i cride like a babby. but so he woudnt see my tears i reverse the process and cried fro m the inside out so the treas fellon inside my heade and came out through my nostridges
i decided to prutend be having a cold so as to disgays my love for him
"RAICHU!" I said prutending to sneasel
"Oh, Santino!" Justin said in a sweet voice like his mouth was field with a million marshmellos and they were melting in the blaziken fire that was my heart <3
"Santino? when someone sneasels ur suppost to say blissey like evryone else why dont u say blissy like everyone else" i said while pokeing his abdomain
"oh that's how we say it back in CP FTW because Mr Santino Rice is our principal" he said while sliming. his smile filled the room with more bubbles than puzzle bubble. and those bubblys were floating around me and surrounding me and hugging my body and i felt fierce like a nidorina, but at same time week like a caterpie level 3.
"well, aernt you teh fancy chansey now. anywhoodles... its nice to seel you again" i said almost unable to hyde the innerse Joy burstin trhog my vans. i stared at him, oh how i would love togekiss by those flaaffy lips.
"Ho-Oh, stantler down my pulpitoad heart, you're gonna exploud!"
"What did you just say Mary?" Justin was confused. He leered on me and my defense fell, i didnt reliazed that i had said that thing outloud, how unfezant -_-;;
"oh that is a new song thats poplar now" i managed to escape "its all the rage now"2
"oh" Justin snapped out of its confusion "i see, I luvdisc countrys music =0)"

Friday, August 13, 2010

A new asian appears!

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Oh my gladddd! ^^ greatt nyewwwss! today we got a new studnt in our class her name is Gayumi homosekusu snd she is exchange from Japan ^__^

from moment i saw her first i knew we would be bust friends (i am no long bff with hannah montanha she sucks now, she dresses like a sl*t on steroids with her pants glued to her package, she is changed, the other day we were in the cafeteria discussing salad dressings and the topic of jay/z cum up and shews like "i dont like jay-z i dont lisn to pop music im more lik into like janice chopin, that shit is so cash " and like i dont even know who thet lady janice is but im pretty sure she sucks c#ck and is from the devil)

anyways as is was saynig as first as i saw Gayumi wearing her sailor fucku (japnese sailor uniform) pink cat ears and a bag shaped like clefairy i knew we willd be the closets friends.
she was alalone in the hell l00king a bit lost staring at her pink cellpohn which had a lot of mini accossories strap on including all the 1st gen 151 pokemon and togekiss, and she came and to me she said:
"OMG You are so kawaii desu!!"
"oh thanks ^__^" i said, blistered. "who are you? i dont reocgnaize u are u newb here?"
"yes i am desu (^-^*)" she replied smilie. her breath smellt like straeuberry pushpop. "My name is Gayumi Homosekusu. it is a pleasure to meet you onegaishimasu desu.(*≧▽≦)"
"nice to met you 2 ^^ do u need any help 2 show you 2-way?"
"actually...(._.) I'm looking for room 101, do you know where it is desuka?"
"oh sure! it is my room aslo, i guess we r in the smae class ^o^"
"Oh, that is so happy desu! ureshii desu! (^∇^)"

so i showered her the way and she sat in the empty sat next to me where used to bolognese Sakura but who recently has gone missingno.
Soob the teached arrived with a smile in her ears and a suprise in her eye. she stood in front of us quiet like a stripper pole. finaly she said:
"Dear students and girl students, today we have a surprise guest judge today"
all the class gasped in bidoof, Gayumi's ears twitted
"His name is Lanzer" she finaly reveal "you migh know him from such movies such as "The electric gigolo" or "Gay Niggers from Outer Space". He is also the creator and foder of Gaya Online"
"Oh i know gaia" i said "i have a gaia myself i am a gaian"
"me too desu" said gayumi
"oh you do whats your usenamer?" i asked her
"furubafan4evaa, whjats yours desuka?"
"oh my is just l Mary Sue l"
"class"the teacher alerted £now is not the time for that mr Lanzer is here for a different purpus. He is an asian therefore he will be teaching u a class of Math-Turbation. Mr kanzer comonin"

Lanzer enterd the room he was undeed an asian but he wasnt to cute maybe a 5.5 his eyse looked like they were upsidown.
"hello there im Lanzer and I'll be teaching you the subject of mathturbastion today." he said while looking at a room full of students "IT is when you combine the process of masturbation with the calculations of math and use it to improve your better quality of living which leads to a happier life" he slimed and then he showed us the graph of a vagina which looked like this ({(/)}) but it had a little black bar censoring the clitorice so it wouldnt be pornographic...

Look guys, I know sexual edincation is importint, cause i watched doctor phil and there was a lady there that hadna had sexual educatin when young and she turned out to be become a porn actress and her mother sold her on ebay and the bids only got to 25 dollars. But at this point in the class i kinda stopped pay atteniton, instead i turned to Gayumi and said hey whats up u doing anything aftre class
"no" she said turning her face around to head me "im free desu"
"well" i said "i could shoe you around sicne youre new"
"sure thats sounds great desu!" she smiled like a million years
"hey, miss gayumi!" Lanzer yelled "pay antetion this is important" he said while holding a dildo shaped like a dolphin (or a dolphin shaped like a dido? i dont know, im not even sure what it is i have to check my notes)

well, i just spent the rets of the class drawing toy story fanart i dru slinky the stretchee dog and the dinosaur, the dinosar is proposing to slinky (he is such a gaynosaur lol) but slinky turns him down cuz he's in love with a Bakugan.
Finly the bella rang annuncing the end of class.
"Class!" Lanzer creamed loudly "don't forgette to do the essay about niggerian vaginas and buy the latest monthly collectible on gaia online it costs only 250 gay cash"
Everyone left the classroom in a hurricane and Lanzer stayed inside harrassing the dildos.

"So, lets go show you around?" i asked Gayumi, she was bowing to every single person that passed, saying goodbye
"lol dont need to do that silly beer=P, youll crack your spain in two if you keep that up. just say bye and/or wave"
"hai hai" she said smiling. when she smiled she looked even more asian, almost eskimo even, but it was cute
"ickymyshow!" i said, it means lets go in japanese, i speak fluid japanese.

so i showed her all the important places that asians must go to when they visit Massapão, i showed her the manga and anime store, the video game store, the mathbook library, the chinese restaurant "xiongmao poo", the tokyo tower replica store, and the jackie chan statue, which is right next to the statue of our town founding fathers, simon cowell and simon fuller. So while i wa sthere i told her the story of how this wonderful town came to birth.

"...and that's how the midgets finally won the right to drive segways and that's why this town is called Massapão." i said, finishing up the story. sorry i only wrote the end of the stury, it is kinda long, almost 9 inches long and 3 inches thick, so i'll just leave you with a little teaser trailer and maybe next time you get to see the full version ;)
"fascinating desu" she said with trembling eyes "I'm really enjoy this"

suuddely someone came bees on my back and covered my eyes. i didnt know who it was so when that person asked guess who this is i said i dont know cuz i didnt know.
"Σ(O_O;)Shock!!" said Gayumi in shock
"dont tell her who is i am" ordained the voice behind my years. it was a mail voice. "come on Mary just guess"
"Mel Gibson?" i guess the first person that pooped in my head
"a little less racist" said the voicemail
"Leonardo dicaprio??" i guessed cuz i wish it was him <3<3<3
"no, a little gayer" the voice said warmly against my neck
"Ryan Seacrest?" i said starting to get the impatient, this guy was pulling the gypsies on me.
"no, a little more jailbait"
"Justin Bieber?"
"TRALALA DING DONG" He said announcing the right answer was right and i was free. I turned around to face Justin and it was indeed Bieber.
"Omg! Biebas i havent seen you in how long!" i said lubricated in joy. Bieber and i go way wayway way back, were great friends i love him longtime. He used to be in my school, but then he changed to our rival school Crème Pâtissière Fête Tout l'Weekend High (CP FTW for short). It's a really fancy school and he's really famous now so he needs private classrooms, private teachers, private bathrooms and private ice cream machines.
(to be continued0

Saturday, May 15, 2010

☆☆☆☆☆i swear to god..☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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guys i am s sorry for the lack of updates but is just i am still getting used to this new dimension , at first phew weeks i was a bit jetlegged and my periods is still irregular like i used to get it eyryday shane dawson posted a video on utube and now i get it at tusedays after american idol but anyway here i am aback for my fans ^___^

This dimension is so weird like i the other day i was eating cereal and i sayd like this to my grandma: "hey grandmother can u giv me a bigger spoon plz this too smal"(i like big spoons and canot lye lol) and she was like "what? what's a spoon?"
"um, hello, this thing" i showed her the spoon "u use it to eat things that are lioquid or semi liquid"
"oh" she said "you mean a fork"
"NO, a fork is for solids and its all spikey"
"you mean this?" she showd me a fork "this is called a pistachio"
"WHAT? pistachio?? Then what do you call that flaavor of green ice cream no one likes??"
"..??? then what do you call that little maronette of wood who could grow his nose?"
"Than whats the name of the country hitler and arnold sharrtzanigger was born in?"
"arnold shartzwnigger was born in austria... who's hitler?"
"Oh, you mean Adolf Warcraft"
"O__O WARCRAFT???? then what's the name of the game about orcs and devils killing each other online that uncle Rabby used to playalot and through which he met a lovely elf called Darwania269 which he fell in love with and he asked her to movin wiht him but it turns out she is actually a 52 year old guy from guatemala but uncle rabby married him anyway but it turns out the guy was only interested in his level 87 elf mage and he stole his password anf ran away to india?"
"that game... i think its called beyonce?"
"BEYONCE? then what do you call that famos afriquan american singer that in mtv a lot?"
"NO, the other one"
"Oprah doesnt singg!! >_>"
"yes she does she just came a new single called tik tok"
"TIK TOK IS BY KESHA (stylized Ke$ha) and it came out like last year!!"
"but kesha is your favorite dessert!"
"no grandma thats tiramisu -__-"
"tiramisu is what we call when someone throws a fist through your anus and pulls out all the poop"
"WHAATTTTTTtT////??? SRSLY i dont know what that fuck is but it sounds likt thing of devil"
"it is not, it is good for detox, i do it evry month, it is a custom in any spa or jazz club" grandma then looked at the watch and said "oh it is already time for my daily extenze" and then she ran into the bathroom, i dont know what that is but i dont want to know...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bloody Mary (part 2)

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I was like hey Marry Sue whats up girl. She looked at me for 2,3436 microbe seconds and then kept on her way.
"NO wait i need to tell you something of umost importance"
"GO AWAY im not interested in you you" she started double legging away from me, she thought i was coming on her but it was not the case
"LOOK I AM MARY SUE FROM THE FUTURE I NEED YOU TO GO TO FACEBOOK SHAVE A BRAZILIAN AND DRINK A PEPSI ON TOP OF A CHAIR AND THEN DIVE TRHOUGH THE KETCHUP OR YOU WILL DIE!" i tride to squeeze as much info as i could into one sentance but still she did not realize the gravy danger she was deep in
"youre gonna get a mini lesbian kick in your ass for that RUN RUN PORTABLE LESBIAN" She summoned shane, and my good intents dried off, no more saving myself i was gonna killl myself for good now
"HADOUUKEN" i yelled for the band, they came out spinning and started lightsabering shane and she died while saying a few prayers to the vagina goddess.
Maru looked at me in fear tremor, she now realized her opponent was a serious business. then she started saying "look i don" but then i ponched her in the ovaries and she screemed at the pot of her lungs. then i grabbed one of the sabres fromthe hadoken and stabbed her through the heart, both left and right and in a diagonal just to make sure she died a certainful death. blood oshed and boozed out of her like a virgin. still her eyes were moving in sevaral directiuns so i held her head with my big menly hands and started putting pressure inwards in a crescendo, her skull felt like it was crashing cuz i could hear the RAKA RAKA RAKA that skulls sound like when they crash. after all the brains had run "i think but there maybe some little leftover in there" had run away from thew ears her eyes turned blue like the bsod, and i knew she was dead.
Ok, done! DEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEDEEDE the tears blowed trumpets in congrats, wait i mean the trees blowed trumpets not the tears, and it sounded like DEDEDEDEDEDEDE,
"Felicitationes" said the latin oak "thanks i said ant patted the oak"
but now there was an other issue to be dilated with, how do i hid the body
"OK GUYS LISTEN DOWN" oi said to the trees, i said listen down cuz i was down the trees were up "WHO WABBA EAT THIS DELICIOUS MOUNT OF ROTTEN NUTRIENTS that is the body of a little girl and a chibi lesbian?" the trees all raised their hands "OK SO WE GONNA DO ASS FOLLOWS: I BREAK THIS UP INNTO PISSES AND THEN GIVE A LITTLE BIT TO EACH ONE" the trees nodded "WHO IS A VEGETERIN HERE" the sakura said me "OK YOU GET THE CLOTHEA" i nakeded the bodies and gave sakura the clothes she ated them (btw this sakura here is a cherry tree not a person). then i devided the bodies into little sashimi sized pisces using my powerful fist of zen and gave an equal democratic amount to each of the trees. They ate the joyful meal using sticks as chopsticks. After finish they all jinmgled in pleasure and one of them even started evolving like WHAT Pine Tree is evolvong?! TUTUTUTUTU TUTU TUUURUUU TUTU TUTU TUTU TUTU TURUUUU~~~~ PINE TREE HAS EVOLVED INTO XMAS TREE!!! TURURU TURUTURURU RURUUUUUUUU!!!!
"OK GUYS GOCHISOU SAMA DESHITA IM OUT PEACE" the trees goodbyed and i was out
Then i wwnt to school, i was so happy. I had my powers and virgintitty back and ^__^ i was skipping and tictoeing and signing songs all the way then i realized i was still Ryu and everyone was staring at me thinking i was a homosexual , i said no i am not then turned back into mary and everyone went unnotice
Whwn i arriveded at the school the clalss had ready started but teacher said it ok, i was the pet teacher so i could be late if i wanted that. then in middle of class the teacher got twittered by kanye west saying Obama had gotten the nobel of prize and she left the class. OH I KNOW THIS EVENTS, IT HAS AOLREADY HAPPEN IT IS BEFORE sakura greened hannah into a tyranossaurus. "fufufu" i giggled, this time i was gonna CHANGE THE FUTURE- I got to the Robert Pattinson poster sakura was hiding behind, i got my paper knife and started stabbing the hall out of it. The poster starting bleeding and saying "stop its me sakura"
"NO AARRGGGHHH!" *Sakura dies*
i laughed,haha what a producktivo day i killed 3 stonebirds with one hand =D
hwoever the bleeding poster was attractiving attention and everyone was liek what? "the poster of RPATZ is bleEDING IT IS A MIRICLE" said kate Johnson
then they all started kneeling in front of the poster and praying incantations, lol, and thats how Pattinsonism was found.

When i got home my grandma was cutting carrets while washing the soap opera and the sink smelled of rotten corpses.
"Britney I DID IT! XD" I joyed a yelling
"Oh wonderful honny i am so fappy for you" my granma said one eye on me one on the opera. "now erevything is back to normal"
i smelled a wondirful smell,"gramma, whats for dinner?"
she didnt answer words she just winked. I looked at the oven, there was a lot of stuffed stuff inside and an arm sticking out.
"OH, Granma, YOU DIDNT! XD LOL" i loled
this time she spoked words:"I guess were having bloddy mary for dinner, and not the cocktail *wink wink*" again the winks, and we all laughed like all the sitcoms had broken loose
It was rielly tastsy actually, kinda like beef meets hamburger meets jamie oliver.
When my grandma was finished eatoing the meat she rised up off the table.
"Is something the meter?" i asked interigged "you usually eat the bones why the sudden end of meal??"
"oh ill eat them later is just its gonna be on the documentary about bbritaney Speaers on Mtv i cant miss it."
"BUt granma! I thought you ated Britnaey Spaers?"
she stopped in midfloor. looked back atme "well Mary..." omg she was looking serious really "..I have something to tel you" she got more serious, i hanged on the cliffhanger
"tell me" i said gasping
"well... it is... you see... ... ... ... ..

"WHAY IT IT?" i asked in impatient, i was starting to lose the grip of the cliffhanger and about to fall (figuratively of courlse lol)

"well baby i am not your real mother i am your other grandmother"
I shocked in shock
"OMG DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN'T SAY THAT ITS NOT TRUE" this yelling came out of my mouth
"it is" saoid my grandma "your real grandmother came here trying to kill me and i killed her. i am the other grandmother that lives in this alternate dimension. i am kinda like your other grandma but there are difreances. like for a example i enjoy britney spaers and long walks on the beach"
"yeas" my grandma, i mean other grandma prosseagued "this is gonna get some taking used to but im sure we get along just fin ^^"
"ok" i did a bit of shiatsu and calmed down "i can handle this. now if you'll acskuse me i need to go to my my room start working on my diary, today was sutch an inventiful day if i don't stary now i will never get finished"
Luckily for my luck i write my diary in the internate so it is the same for both dimensions (the internete is a web of universal linked files, did you know?) so nothing was changed there it is still WAIT.... IT IS NOT.. IT IS NOW THEDIARYOFMARYSUE.BLOGSPOT.COM! IT WAS CHANGE... oh wait wait wait wait wait, no, no, my mistake, it always has been dot com, sorry ^_^;; i had some kinda reverse-dejavu

OK, so phew, Now I am living in this new dimension. It is a whole new world to discover o am kinda excited i wonder what awaits me ^^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bloody Mary (part 1)

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Dear dairy, today i killed myself. oh black despera... Ugh.. this
sounds likes some freeking eemo livejournal accunt, but i ensure yoyu
i had validations to did that!
It all begone when i was with my granna discusseing ways to get my
powers reinstated.
"So you did had the sex" my gran said with a face of unfriendly friend
"yes gramma, i am sorry so T__T" i said, my tears were streaming down like youtubers on braodband

"and you lost your the powers.?" grandma said spating a bit and the
spit diluted in my tears
"yes i said" and showed her trying use the powers and the powers not giving
"pfft u depictable slutter" she tilted her head towards her bag to
vomit her regular vomit "wall, i have a way to to get your ways back
into power, but it is a last resort, dont fuck it up" she said she
said fuck in italics on purpose because last time i fucked i fucked up >__<

"what is your plan oh wonderful grangmother oversear?" i tried to
butter her boots with complimentations maybe like that she love me
again ;__;

"For what u did there you desurve to burn in the armpits of hell" she
said angery, there was fire in her hole "but we i fortunatly know a
way to undo the done, we can go back in time to the before you had
that homossexual encounter of the sex kind."

"Oh grandma I love you in a salad way!" i said with trmbling eyes.

"Yär Yär so lets do the proceizures" she started rubbing her heads one
to each other. "First we need 2 bottles of caribbean coca cola." I
went get caribbean coka cola. "then we need 2 ryanair tickets to abu
dhabi" i went get the tikkets (to internet) then copy pasted them. "ok
so now licke them" i licked the tickest, they tasted like tastebuds.
"ok now get me the computre" i got the computer and came back carrying
the computer "put it just put it there" i put it there "and now you
must access facebook and put your status as CURRENTLY HAVING MY
ARMPITS SHAVED BY A BRAZILIAN ORPHAN just like that in caps locke"
i did it and all my facebook friends said lol, one said ;).
"ok now do the makaroni dance" i started performing in a handshake
fashion ""nonono that is the macarana dance i said makaroni dance it
is a dance by a song by perfume by japanese." oh ok i googled makaroni
perfume japanese and then youtubed it and then dancedd accordiangly.
"ok very well now we both drink the venetian coca colas you previously
baught and we stand in those chairs in a relaxed pose" i did just that
she did too "now say: the dog that the dog that the university teacher
hated the most was black and died on the 12th year of the Heisei
period at 6:62 am yesterday in japanese" i said the dog that the dog
that the universiyty teacher ated the most was black and died on the
12th year of the Heisei period at 6:62 am yesterday in japanese cuz i
know japanese.
"very good now for the gran finale, we jump"
i jumped there. she jumped there too. and we both got squeezed through
time and spacey like a heinz ketchup bottle. my grandma tapped my butt
a little bit so i came out easier. when i came out i was all red from
the ketchap. at first i panicked attacked a bit cuz i thought it was
bleeding but then i smelled it like ketchup and it was ketchup ^_^ my
grandma had a little bit of blood though cuz she just had her period
and she doesnt wear vaginal pensions she sayd their improper the only
thing that may touch a women's holy vajesus area is a perfectly clean
and properly married penis. i disagree thoguh, evax is perfectly fine.

[if you dont know what evax is:]

my grandma shot a bit of mouthwash mixed with shamwow out of her hands and we got clean in a instantaneous =D

so now we were in the past i checked my cells it was the day before.

"ok lets just make sure you got your vaginity back by making a power"

"ok" i said and putted my hands in postition for power "RUN RUN PORTABLE LESBIAN"
my han ds sparked and zooted, and then...
Shane came out like always! ^__^
I was so happy i kissed shane in the lipos. but she was small chibi so i almost swallod her like a adams apple oops =P

my grand slapped shane across the faces. she does not like the lesbians >_< shane was scared so she ran back to the world betrween my hands

"gradnma you shouldnt have"
she slapped me now this time. "shutup we still havent mission accomplished"she said and then said "we are in the past so there is now two mary sues and two mary sues in this world"

"what like a twins ister or a clone wars?"
"of course what did you expect? that they had switched with us in the tomato sauce express?"
"your'e right, its to be expected that this happens. so now what?"
"now we must kill them so that only remains one of you and one of a me"
"WATH?" i yelled in scream and a bunch of seagulls ran away
"thats right. you kill you and i kill me. So let's go" she started walking
"WaIT, ow am i supposed to do that?"
"you finger that out for yourself. you got powers now back right? you at about this time are probibily going to school so go now and kill yourself on the way to school. and by kill yourself i mee kill the other you"
"i know what you mee, ni'm not stupid" i interruptioned her "ill do it dont worry"
"ok, see you later" and then she went home to kill the other mary sue

allright i thought to myself, "this mission is going to take a lot of CPU so i better get my balls in place!" i pretended i had balls and that i was putting them in the place. i also did 5 mins of yogurt and then i was ready ^^
"lets do it do~!"

i got myself on the way to the way to school, all the trees on the sidewalk shaked their heads in comprehension, they knew i about to do something major and they giving me their condolezzas.
when i got to the way i saw myself. i was walking and i was beautifull**~~ i never had a notice of how pretty and amazing i was before. it was quite a site to be old. now i understand why everyone <3s me lol
BUT THIS WAS NO TIME TO STARE AT MARY IT WAS TIME TO KILL MARY so i puzzled myself in Ryu form and then...
(yo be continued)

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